45/101 Little Pennant journals

These are my entries to a ‘little book’ swap. Again I used an Accucut die of little flags and pennants as my journal inspiration. They are tiny only 2″  x 3″ but so, so cute….. and sturdy!! The covers are made from the cardboard Waitrose Pizzas come on. I spare no expense for my art 🙂

Again, they would make lovely ‘make your own’ journal kits – as soon as I get round to writing a tudorial for it.

Perfect for a little poetry or some reminders to oneself? I am sure the new owners will find a good home for them. Now I have got a ‘little journal’ bug. HELP


7 thoughts on “45/101 Little Pennant journals

  1. Netti Atkins says:

    So pleased to have found you blog after seeing your wonderful cast who believes he/shecan fly!!!
    These tiny books are superb. Makes me want to make some right away.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I shall now look around some more on here…..

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